PYP---The IB Primary Years Programme prepares students to be active, lifelong learners

What is PYP?

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is one of the four programmes offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) for students aged 3-12. It focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom and in the world outside, preparing students for the challenges in their future lives and careers.

Our advantages

Six subject groups focus on the development of the whole child:

  1. Language

  2. Mathematics

  3. Sciences

  4. Social studies

  5. Arts

  6. Personal,social and physical education

  • Addresses students'academic needs and their social and emotional well-being;

  • Encourages students to develop independence and to take responsibility for their own learning;

  • Supports students'efforts to gain understanding of the world and to function effectively within it;

  • Helps students to establish personal values as a foundation on which international-mindedness will flourish.

Six transdisciplinary themes involve students in inquiry into the real world:

  1. Who we are

  2. Where we are in place and time

  3. How we express ourselves

  4. How the world works

  5. How we organize ourselves

  6. Sharing the planet

These themes provide IB World Schools with the opportunity to incorporate local and global issues into the curriculum, encouraging students to consider the links between the themes and explore the concepts through structured inquiry across subject areas.

The PYP Exhibition represents an opportunity to exhibit the development of students' ablities

In the final year of the PYP, students carry out an in-depth inquiry project, known as the PYP exhibition.

This requires that each student demonstrates their engagement with the five essential elements of the programme. It is a transdisciplinary inquiry conducted in the spirit of personal and shared responsibility, as well as a summative assessment activity to celebrate the transition of students to the next phase of their education.

Our journey

Our school began to implement the PYP in September 2005 and was officially authorized by the IB in November 2011.

The Primary Section strives to offer the premier primary education in China, with the curriculum reflecting the PYP’s philosophy, and aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring students with Chinese identity and international mindedness. In the journey of implementing the PYP, we have taken an active part in exploring the international education mode with Chinese characteristics. We have gained support from the IBAP regional office and other IB schools from all over the world. We have become a member of Hong Kong and Southern China PYP Network, and a member of Association of China and Mongolia IB Schools(ACMIBS). We also have established sister school partnerships with many famous schools around the world like Trinity Grammar School in Australia, St Cuthbert’s College in New Zealand, Hwarang Elementary School in Korea, Kao Yip Middle School in Macau, etc.