IFD--Begin the IFD journey to secure your future

IFD--Begin the IFD journey to secure your future

What is IFD?

The International Foundation Diploma (IFD) is a pre-university qualification developed by NCC Education. NCC Education, established by the British Government in 1966, is an awarding body and global provider of high quality British education. By working in partnership with Accredited Partner Centres worldwide, it provides students an affordable route to obtain a UK university degree or master’s in Business or IT without leaving their home country.

Our advantages

NCC Education has grown a worldwide network of over 200 Accredited Partner Centres in 49 countries and regions. Over 1,000,000 students have boosted their careers with NCC Education qualifications.

The IFD aims to improve students’ general and academic English language skills, enhance their study skills and cultural understanding, and introduce them to academic study in English in the fields of computing and/or business at a suitable level.

Over 60 universities worldwide recognise the IFD, of which nearly 40 are in the UK. NCC Education holds guaranteed entry agreements with Bangor University, University Centre Croydon (awards validated by University of Sussex) and Birmingham City University, which allows NCC Education candidates, upon successful completion of the International Foundation Diploma (IFD), to apply for guaranteed entry on to university level courses. An increasingly number of universities in the US, Australia, Canada and Switzerland, recognise the IFD. Students in the IFD who wish to attend a UK university usually have to apply through the University and Colleges Application Service known as UCAS.

NCC Education online environment includes a wide range of support facilities such as lecturer notes, learning materials, study advice, past assessments, etc. NCC Education also organizes a variety of competitions, in which the excellent students have the opportunity to get various prizes, including the highest academic honor in the world or the region and other honors for excellent achievements.

Our journey

In 2008, CGS received the authorization from NCC Education, and implemented the IFD in September in the same year. Since then, nearly 240 students have graduated from the IFD.

The IFD is designed to be studied in CGS over 3 years. During the first two IFD preparatory years (Year 10 and Year 11), we offer the school curriculum to facilitate students to reach the level of high school graduates. In the last year (Year 12), we provide the IFD, preparing students for greater adaptability to overseas university study through the cultivation of cultural awareness, linguistic skills, thinking skills, writing skills and academic ability.

Through 8-year efforts, our IFD Centre has developed into the flagship centre in NCC Education East Asia. On September 15, 2011, Felicity Dale, the Market Executive Director of NCC Education, sent a congratulatory letter to us, speaking highly of our achievements. Some other IFD Centres have sent representatives to visit our centre and learn from us. NCC Education Chinese Website has published our achievements several times. NCC Education Orbit published a feature report about our IFD Centre in October 2015. In March 2011, our IFY Centre were empowered to organize a NCC Education South China Workshop, and nearly 40 representatives from 12 Centres participated in the workshop. By July 2015, 16 students in the IFY have been awarded the highest Roll of Honors by NCC Education. Our graduates have been widely preferred by overseas universities because of their firm academic foundation and humanistic literacy, including Monash University, The University of Sussex, Simon Fraser University, University of Vermont and Swiss Hotel Management School .