Mission and Philosophy


Mission Statement

We strive to build GCGS into a place to nurture international talents and a bridge to enter the world’s top universities. To this end, we work to cultivate our students to be ethical, creative, knowledgeable, inquiring and caring young people who will do credit to a more prosperous country and a more peaceful world.

GCGS School Wide Learning Outcomes:   G.R.E.E.N.

Global Leaders

1.actively seek knowledge and understanding of the world around them

2.respect other culture as well as those of other individuals and communities

3.assimilate easily into new cultures and societies

Responsible Citizens

1.make positive contributions to their community

2.raise questions and actively pursue solutions and resources to resolve concerns

3.respect and appreciate a diverse and global society

Effective Communicators

1.clearly express ideas in both Chinese and English

2.effectively communicate with diverse audiences

3.demonstrate open-mindedness

4.express their ideas creatively, clearly and effectively

Excellent Achievers

1.recognize their own strengths and weaknesses as a guide for self-improvement

2.challenge themselves both intellectually and physically to achieve their personal best

3.be enthusiastic, creative and curious learners

4.be reflective life-long learners

Natural Thinkers

1.familiarize with the natural world, its diversity and its interdependence

2.take responsibility for their role in protecting our planet for future generations

3.focus on protecting the environment and reducing their own ecological footprint

4.ensure their actions and consequences that accompany them bring no harm to others or the environment