Top 10 Highlights

A. Platform

The parent company, Brightscholar Education Group, NYSE listed company (code BEDU), with a market value of over 10 billion RMB, is the largest K12 education group in China. With the ability of integrating high quality education resources all around the world, students at Guangdong Country Garden School have a better chance of admission to prestigious universities.

Students’parents are successful  people in various  industries. Many parents are willing to serve as school volunteers and to provide social practice resources for students. The school is a sister school to 18 well-known primary and middle schools in 9 different countries and we exchange students and teachers to learn from each other.  Our alumni are all over the world and some of them have become industry leaders. The Alumni Association is delighted to make the best efforts for the development of  students.

B. Course

7 international programs, including major international curriculums, cover the essence of international education.

IB, the world recognized international education leader. Our school is the first school in mainland China to implement the three IB programs, PYP, MYP and DP, as a continuum.

CIE, the British well-known education. Our school is authorized by the CIE to implement two major CIE programs, IGCSE and A-Level.

AP, the bridge to American prestigious universities. Our AP Capstone Program has been officially accredited.

IFD, the best choice for Business Studies or Computer Science talents. Our school is the NCC Edu. flagship school in China.

C. Tailor-made Teaching

Leveled teaching in English classes in primary school, with both international English teachers and Chinese English teachers simultaneously implementing the extra small class teaching, makes sure that each student gets full attention; UOI, with inquiry as its core, aims to cultivate students’10 IB qualities. The junior middle school adopts the teaching method that divides the class into layers to meet students’special needs and to ensure the continuous improvement of each student; the interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning approach contributes to academic success and lifelong learning. The high school provides over 200 subjects for students to choose from, which allows each student to have their own personalized timetable, along with numerous activities in and out of school, to help students foster social feelings, international vision and leadership skills.

D. English

There are more than 90 international teachers in the school. The primary school and junior middle school intro- duce high quality English graded reading system to promote learning by reading and to reach the standard gradually; the high school, to help students overcome the language barrier as soon as possible, carries out English teaching, English exams, and TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and ACT professional tutoring with complete English materials all the way through. Activities, such as English village and oversea field trips, integrate English into daily life so English learning can be natural and fun.

E. University Entrance Guidance

The school has set up a university guidance center, where senior professionals offer help to each student throughout the application process, developing a comprehensive university application curriculum for students of grade 9-12, giving constant entrance guidance during the four years.

F. Small Class Sizes

We apply small class sizes in all international programs. Students are also welcome to make appointments for weekend tutorials at any time without extra charges.

G. CAS Activities

To encourage students to pay attention to life, nature and society, and to improve their creativity, leadership and adaptive capability against difficulties, our school organizes field studies at primary school, inquiry service and commu- nity design at junior middle school, personal design, Cycling the Silk Road, Cycling European Cultural Heritage Sites, China Week, and the Duke of Edinburgh Award at senior school, etc. Additionally, several hundreds of student clubs develop students’interest and enhance their continuous competitiveness.


The Ministry of Education has nominated our school as a Maker Education experimental school. To get our students ready for the arrival of the era of AI (Artificial Intelli- gence),the school has invested several millions RMB in setting up a Robot Experience Center and a Maker Edu- cation Center, cooperating with the world’s top maker education institutions. The school offers design and tech- nology classes to students since grade 4 and provides nearly 100 3D printers and laser cutting machines for students to make computer designs into finished products. Our students have made great achievements in the fields of model car, ship and airplane building, among which a student has won the 2017 World Whirlpool Masters Com- petition Asian championship. In 2017, grade 5 students won the first prize in the 33rd Foshan Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest with his design, Library Intelligent Service Device.

I. Our Faculty

We have a professional faculty, where a great number of teachers have obtained notable qualifications, such as discipline examiners in different international programs, curriculum reviewers, professional development consul- tants, program trainers, program interviewers, visit-team directors, advising officers, authorizing officers, five-year evaluation assessors, director of learning and curriculum directors, as well as titles like national outstanding teach- ers, and teaching experts at civic and provincial levels. The international high school section has senior international education experts, with the proportion of Chinese and International teachers at 4:1, and 70% of the teachers have a master’s degree or above.

The school set up a Safety and Psychologica Health Edu- cation Center, involving in the whole process of education in depth, ensuring students’ healthy growth, and helping students become better persons with wholesome person- alities that respect life and nature.

J. Education Experience

Our school has 17 years of education experience and cultivated graduates all over the world. Over the past years, 10 students have been admitted to University of Cambridge, 16 to University of Oxford, more than 70 to University College London or Imperial College London; 4 to The University of Chicago, 3 to Columbia University, 4 to Cornell University; 20 to Tsinghua University, 6 to Peking University, 50 to the University of Hong Kong…